Edison’s Talented Running Tigers

David Mercado, Staff Writer

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        Edison’s Track and Field team is always in search for new talent. The season has barely begun but already has the team competed in five different occasions for five different meets. This year has been like none other. Beginning with the fact that for the first time in over a decade Edison has finally hosted a home CMAC Meet. It took place on February 26 and came out to be a huge success. Edison’s runners set the tone by winning some of the first events such as the 100 meter relays that consist of four runners who after each one finishes a lap they hand off the baton as quickly as possible in order to win the race.

The latest meet that has taken place was a Dual Meet that took place at Sanger. It was between four different schools; Edison, Bullard, Sanger, SJM. The season will continue through Spring and not be ending until late May. This year the coaches have been strongly advocating for the distance team by mentioning how it is stronger and helping the team a lot more with scores. There has also never been so many field event players either. There are plenty of throwers and jumpers competing too. The largest problem the team is facing is not having many high jumpers or pole vaulters. Thankfully our athletes at Edison are very willing to try new things especially for the team. It doesn’t matter if they have never tried it, there are many athletes with hidden talents that could end up being better than other athletes from other schools and help win competitions in meets.

Currently there are about five runners that are ranked valley wide, state wide, and nationally. The head coaches Alberty and Coach Cal are very pleased with the effort the team gives and hope to continue seeing the runners improve and gain Personal Records throughout the season. A factor that has helped the team during practice is the rebuilt weightroom. It’s nice to see Edison’s campus improve and not degrade as the years go by. Don’t forget to look up when’s the next track meet at https://www.athletic.net/ in order to go support our Edison Tigers as they push themselves to win the race versus the clock. This site can also show results of any Track Athlete you may know and maybe then you can see if you have a future competing in track.