! 5 Must Watch Artists at Coachella 2019 !

Cristian Martinez, Staff Writer

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! 5 Must Watch Artists at Coachella 2019 !


Over this upcoming spring break, one of the most popular music festivals of all year will take place and it is no other than Coachella. While most of us will not be there to watch it live, YouTube has expanded its partnership with Coachella and will be live streaming the event during both weekends. As a result, we can experience a close to live performance of some our favorite artists and hopefully will be impressed by them. So for this article, I will be listing five artists that I think must be seen.



Kid Cudi



Despite Kid Cudi not having the best stretch of albums and some personal problems from 2015-2016, it was in 2018 where he showed a near return to form in KIDS SEE GHOST with longtime friend Kanye West. Cudi has a decade of different songs that he can perform under his belt and you can bet that he will be bring out a good amount of them for the fans. From classic songs such as Pursuit of Happiness or Day ‘N’ Night to recent acclaimed songs such as Ghost Town and Reborn, he will have something for everybody there. Also I would not be surprised if Kanye West made a guest appearance with Cudi to perform for the first time since Camp Flog Gnaw 2018. Kid Cudi has had a huge influence on the new wave of artist so it would be good to be reminded of why he has had such an influence.



  • Pusha T


2018’s Daytona landed on nearly everyone’s end of the year lists for best albums and it makes sense why. After the lack of a huge presence music-wise from 2015, Pusha T returned to drop one of the best rap albums in the past couples of years, even though the seven songs probably should not even be labeled as an album. The Kanye West production was easily on the best things about the entire album as they used a diverse catalog to make the beats sound unique. The beef with Drake also showed that Pusha T is no pushover and is a true lyricist that is only rivaled by few in his field. Pusha T is an amazing on stage presence and his music will make his performance at Coachella a memorable one.


  • Childish Gambino


Donald Glover or Childish Gambino, whichever you prefer, is still one of the biggest names in music even though he has not dropped an album since late 2016. His mid-2018 single, This Is America, was critically acclaimed all across the board winning him grammys for both Song and Record of the year. He also dropped a good amount of tracks in 2018 such as Feels Like Summer which he fans will no doubt love for him to perform. In addition to this, he still has other popular songs, notably: 2011’s Heartbeat, 2013’s 3005, and 2016’s Redbone.





JPEGMAFIA’s album, Veteran, was also one of my favorite albums from last year. His music deviates far from the mainstream as he is an experimental album, so his album just sounded so unique to anything else from last year. His vivid performances on the album are amazing and he brings so much life to even the less intense songs. Peggy has this natural knack for live performances as he uses this same vivid personality to make the crowd impresses. And even though I have listened to his last album a good amount of times already, it is his live performances where it seems like he is not even performing the same song due to the way he delivers everything. He may not be an artist for everybody, but I say you should at least give him a try.


  • Solange


Even though her second album, When I Get Home, barely came out in early March of this year, it is my early candidate for Album of the Year. It is simply that good. Solange proved that she is not simply Beyonce’s sister, but that she is her own very talented artist. Coachella is going to be the first time that she is performing the new album, which like Pusha T’s Daytona, has been universally acclaimed by many media outlets. Some songs I think you should looked out for include: Almeda, easily the standout track; Stay Flo; and Jerrod.



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