Spring Sports are Best

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Spring Sports are Best

Zie Garcia, Staff Writer

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Many people look forward to spring for the good weather and great vibes. One thing we all know is that the football season is over and we are all heartbroken. The spring is the offseason for the NFL so that means waiting till August to get our first preseason game. It is not a total loss though,  the spring is the time for so many great sporting events that we may just forget about the NFL for now. This even includes the new addition to football with the making of the semi-pro league the AAF. Which starts days after the super bowl and carries out pass spring and maybe into summer, but for people who are strictly football and do not want to wait for the NFL the AAF is the next best thing to hold you over.

Talking about the AAF we get into the facts about it and what makes the AAF so important. It was founded in March 2018, but officially started February 9th 2019. Aaf consists of 8 teams with the headquarters being located in San Francisco. With the NFL being over this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, with the AAF running all the way till April 27th championship included. There has never been a such thing as spring football, but thanks to the addition of the AAF football fans can now enjoy semi pro football with potential NFL candidates and retired players to satisfy their  football needs during this spring.

    The spring is known for some of the best sporting events. These events include: wrestlemania 31, the NBA playoffs, NCAA final four and the addition of the NFL draft. With wrestlemania 35, you could have drifted away from wrestling or just never liked it in the first place, but that doesn’t make it an exciting event that is worth watching. Who knows you might just enjoy it.

Then there’s the NBA playoffs, it’s crunch time,  where fans get to see if their team made it. The NBA playoffs has always drawn in lots of hype and it never disappoints. NBA playoffs is probably the best time to watch, cause that’s when you see which teams are real and which ones got there off luck, you get to see what separates the all-stars from the average players. NBA playoffs start April 13, who you got?


With the NBA playoffs coming up it means we are all drawn to it, that shouldn’t be the case cause the NCAA final four tournament (March Madness) starts before on Tuesday, March 19th. And man is this an exciting event everyone is so pumped. This is the type of tournament coaches and players prepare for, this is the proving ground and this is where they lay it all on the line. Again; who you got?  

The single most uninteresting event for sports is the NFL draft (numbers wise). Not to me I love watching the draft along with the other 45.6 million people who also tune in. The draft is something special to a lot of young talent trying to prove their worth in the NFL and it is a very important time, not only for them, but for their families. The draft is by far a huge event it entitles the future generation of football and all the talent that gets drafted they hold their careers and their future with this emotional, but yet promising event.