Classic Movie Review

Karon Williams, Staff Writer

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The movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”  was an interesting movie. It was a action/fantasy movie with amazing scenes full of color and action. And with 95% of google users liking the movie. It’s no wonder that its a top hit amongst people. In this review i’ll be giving you a quick rundown of the movie, along with some of the top hits from the movie. Scott pilgrim was a 23 year old man who is a part of a garage band. He is dumped by his former girlfriend and decides to date knives chau. He’s having a good life until a new girl, ramona flowers, walks into his life. He tries to go for ramona, leaving chua to be on her own and heart broken. But in order for scott to get with ramona he needs to defeat her 7 exe boyfriends. The reality of this world is like a video game. And scott is just the right player.


Now for some top seven movie moments (Why Not 7 instead of 10 (ps: i won’t be adding the fights of the exes because who doesn’t love those?))


  1. For number 7 my pick is the scene where scott askes comeau who the girl in his drawing is. Scott doesn’t know who ramona is at the time, so he draws a picture and asks him. The picture is as shown.


  1. My number 6 pick was when the band Crash and the Boys sings there song. The song is followed by a short beat and only consist of 2 words. So sad. The song ironically was called “I am so Sad , I am so very very Sad.” With a title longer than the song. It’s a mystery how they were accepted as a band.


  1. My number 5 pick was when Knives invited scott out for dinner. When invited, he immediately assumed that she meant for Chinese food.


  1. My number 4 pick was when scott made a song for ramona. He only used the words ramona over and over again. Ramona thought he wasn’t finished. But we all know the truth.


  1. My 3 pick was when Knives called for Scott but Scott left. What Scott thought to  be a great escape was not great. But it was a humorous scene. He is clearly scene as his roomate tries to block the door for him.


  1. My 2 pick was when Scott made the horridly cringey quote, “You once were a vegan, but now you will be gone.”  I have nothing more to say about this.


  1. My 1 pick was when Scott was getting ready to take Ramona back. He needed to defeat the t ex. And was getting dressed in an epic style. He quickly put his shirt on then his hand bracelets then his sweater only to take FOREVER tying his shoe.