Sadie’s Review

Ayianna Lopez, Staff Writer

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Sadie’s 2019 was a night our Tigers were all looking forward to. A night where we make some of our best memories, smile the biggest, and sing the loudest. Sadies is often a popular dance everyone goes to since it is our school’s cheapest dance to attend, only being $20 a ticket. We all looked forward to the theme as well since the 1990s is a very popular era now a days. Since Sadies was held in the cafeteria, it was a big enough space to accommodate a lot of people comfortably. Walking into Sadies did give off a great 1990s vibe. There was an oversized block phone that was used in that time, there was records, a cassette, 90s nintendo games setup, 90s music videos playing in the back of the DJ, and everyone looked great and definitely dressed for the occasion! Our Tigers sure did dress to impress with their 90s inspired outfits with the baggy clothes, track suits, and bandanas.

Although it was overall a fun night, there were aspects of the dance that could have been better. For example, the decorations were nice, but since it was in the cafeteria there should’ve been more decor to hide the plain walls, maybe some cool posters or backgrounds to take pictures in front of. As for the nintendo game system  side of the room, although it was a great idea, it wasn’t big success. Many people didn’t even touch the games or pay attention to that area which was surprising so in the end it was just a waste of time setting the tables up. It was unappreciated. The taco and Dutch Bros trucks were big hits, many kids ordered from them and were able to sit outside at the tables provided, but it seemed a lot of kids rather be sitting outside than inside the dance. Finally, on to the music portion of the dance… the DJ was probably not the best choice for this dance. It was a 90s themed dance and yet there were no 90s songs played, a few if anything but for the most part the music was all sing along music. It was just disappointing not hearing music from the 90s because the 90s had so many dancing songs that would’ve really made sadies so much better. There would’ve been better vibes, actual dancing instead of grinding very sexually on the dance floor. Sadies wasn’t terrible, it just could’ve been better. Overall, many were able to make great memories with their friends and have a night of fun. Next event coming up… PROM!