How to Spring Clean your Life and Home! Pt 1.

Rayna Hayward, Staff Writer

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By the end of the third quarter I always find myself extremely stressed and overworked. In order to get myself back on track I always take a couple days to clean out my life. It really helps me stay focused and de-stress.


  1. Get rid of toxic people in your life and fix your existing relationships

Sometimes friendships aren’t meant to last at that’s ok! What’s not ok is keeping negative people in your life. Toxic friendships can be very draining and it can be hard to get rid of them. It’s important to let go of people who are forcing you down and who aren’t helping you reach your full potential. Put your energy and efforts into relationships that are good for you.


  1. Clean out your phone.

Get rid of apps you don’t use and organize the rest. Get rid of old pictures/contacts/texts you don’t need and clear out your notes app. Overtime our phones get really cluttered with things we don’t need and taking a little time to organize it can really make a difference. Put apps into folders or organize them by color. Delete or offload apps you don’t use/need.









  1. Find a hobby, or get back into an old one.

Hobbies are great outlets for creativity and it’s always fun to learn something new. Hobbies help build confidence and reduce stress. Having something you’re truly passionate about helps you to grow as a person. Everyone should have something that they do because they want to and not because they have to. Whether it’s gardening, art or skateboarding you should find something that you enjoy doing for fun.


  1. Fix your money issues, start planning (and sticking to!) a budget

It’s always a good idea to get your money sorted out but it can seem like a pretty big task if you haven’t done it before. First, you should set a budget for yourself. Setting a budget really help you to stay organized with you money and keep track of where it’s going. It also helps you to save money! Second, gather up all of the loose bills and change you might have lying around and start keeping it in a designated area such as a jar or a bank. Keeping your money in one place keeps you from losing it and coins add up pretty quickly. Third you should start keeping all of your receipts and storing them in a safe place. I found that I would have a hard time remembering how much money I spent and where it all went. Keeping your receipts solves that issue.


  1.  Change your old routines

The beginning of new year is the best time to start changing up your old habits. Create new routines that fit your lifestyle better. If your trying to be more healthy and active, start planning out your workouts or days you’ll go to the gym. If you find that by this time of year you’re slacking in school create a new system that helps you do your work more efficiently and turn assignments in on time.