How Can Edison High School Improve? 


Laisha Gonzalez, Staff Writer


Edison High School, home of the tigers, is a school known for excelling in all aspects, when it comes to both sports and academics. Though we are known for being a successful and thriving school, there is no such thing as perfect. There will always be room for some improvement. It is important for both teachers and students know how we can excel as a whole, and in order to do that we must all know how we can improve.  

I was curious on how people thought we can improve and what was their perspective on the topic. So in order to increase my knowledge and other students and teachers. I decided to ask the simple yet so delicate question to fellow students and teachers : How can we improve Edison?  I started by asking a few teachers then asking a few students. 

The first teacher I thought would be productive to ask was our fellow Journalism teacher, Mrs. Leyba. Her response to the question was  “plant more trees and flowers around the school, but learning wise having more classes”. When I asked her the question she thought we can improve the campus by planting more trees and flowers to make Edison have a nicer scene The second teacher, whose response I thought should be known was , our chemistry teacher Mrs. Click. Mrs. Click responded by saying “we need to think about others before we think of ourselves”. She said we need to all respect each other no matter what. Then an anonymous teacher stated “ We need to emphasize things we are already good at so they expand” . The teacher made it more clear by saying the better we get at the things we are good at already, the more people will join in. 

I then asked all the students the same question. Paulina Granados, 11th grade, stated we should use less plastic in the lunches. She said “ We should help the environment by using less plastic with the lunches. Then another student Yocelin Ramirez a 9th grader, said we should be able to access our counselors at a faster rate. Though we do understand they have a big job and are always busy. 

After asking this simple question to several students and teacher, I realized there is always room for improvement, even in an amazing schoo;