Top 15 Halloween Movies to Watch    

Mis Robles, Staff Writer

Spooky Season is just around the corner so is the urge to watch scary movies to get into the spirit. Here are 15 of my personal favorites that are worth watching during the Halloween season 


  1. The Conjuring  

The Conjuring is based on a true story in the 70s of a family that experienced demonic activity in their home.  The infamous Warrens, who were certified demonologists, whom had handled many cases of demonic activity before, visited the family’s home, helping them get rid of the demon that has been plaguing them. 

  1. Annabelle Creation  

Annabelle creation tells the story of how dark entities inhabited a doll whose name was Annabelle. In this movie you will witness the events of Annabelle’s terror against a group of orphan girls and their overseers. 

  1. Woman in Black 2 

A group of children and two women take shelter outside of the city to escape the war.  They sought refuge in an abandoned house surrounded by coastal wetland, which ultimately posed a threat to the children as they were lured children into dangerous situations by an unknown woman’s entity. 

  1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe  

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is exactly what it sounds like. When a coroner receives a body of an unidentified womanthings slowly start to take a turn for the worst.  As they reached further into the autopsy, they started to discover secrets hidden within her body, which were better left undiscovered.  

  1. The Nun 

The Nun began with a young nun who committed suicide off the church chapel. The movie takes place in Romania where a priest tries to investigate and figure out the cause of her death.  Soon they discover the unholy truths behind the mystery. 

  1. Insidious  

A family with a sickly child started to experiencparanormal activity in their home To escape, they moved to a new home, which only made matters worse. They resorted to help form paranormal investigators that helped them through the process of getting rid of the dark entity that tried to take the life of their child. 

  1. Evil Dead  

Five friends traveled to a cabin in the woods for a vacation.  Little did they know, a dark presence was lurking near. The friends tried to contain the demon that possessed the protagonist, Mia.  Events took an even greater turn as the night went on, ultimately resulting in tragedy.  

  1. Lights Out  

A dark entity haunted the people of a small town and followed a family. The small children of the family were terrified in their home and the entity only came out when the lights were out. The mother invited the entity from the past.  

  1. Orphan 

A young couple were looking to adopt a child after losing their own.  The couple visited an orphanage and were drawn to a little girl. The couple took her home only to have found later that it was the possibly the worst mistake they had ever committed. The couple realized that the girl was deceiving and slick.  They later found out that she was not so little after all.   

  1. The Haunting in Connecticut  

A family of five were struggling as the oldest son in the family was battling cancer. They decided to move to Connecticut to be closer to the hospital.  Soon the son started experiencing what he believes to be hallucinations, however, he and his family will soon think otherwise.    

  1. The Visit 

Two children were sent to their grandparents for the first time to visit.  They soon find that some things were not what they seem to be and that the people they were with… weren’t their grandparents.  They tried to escape the deranged psychopaths that hathem trapped.  

  1. The Grudge  

The Grudge is a story based on the true Japanese story of Ju-on. The movie follows events of a Japanese man that unintentionally created a curse through killing his family in a fit of rage, explaining the title of the movie, “grudge”.  This movie is the American version of the Japanese series that originally has 6 parts. 

  1. Carrie  

This classic horror movie, adapted from the novel of the same name, tells the story of an outcast girl at school whose mother is extremely religious and manic.  Carrie has supernatural powers that cause strange things to happen, in which she just wanted to be normal, however, her classmates and mother made this impossible as she soon turns insane. 

  1. Crimson Peak  

The movie is set in England as a young, outspoken woman meets a charming man.  He whisks her away to his mansion where she slowly uncovers his dark family secrets.  She was able to see the ghosts of deceased people in the house and figure out how they died.  This led to her heartbreak and unmasked the man behind it all. 

  1. Dead Silence  

A small town is haunted by a woman named Mary Shaw, who’s only children were her ventriloquist dolls.  This legend, which was the curse of a family who were responsible for her death long ago.  She used her dolls to get revenge since her spirit was determined to finish off the family bloodline. “Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, she had no children only dolls, and if you see her in your dreams, be sure to never scream.”