The History of Christmas Tree Lane  

Fresno Landmark and Legend

Valeria Ramirez, Staff Writer


In 1920 a 14-year-old William Hobart Winning died after falling into a piece of machinery operating in a pump house. That same year, a tree in front of the home was decorated to honor the memory of William. Now more lights have been added every year and Christmas Tree Lane continues to give people a holly and jolly Christmas. 

But in December 1941 due to war restrictions, there were no lights. Also, in 1973 Christmas Tree Lane went dark because of an energy crisis. 

Christmas Tree Lane gained some fame over time. It was first recognized in Sunset magazine when it was featured in  2007. The lovely Alexander Family was also featured on TLC’s holiday show, “Invasion of The Christmas Lights” in 2010. The show was broadcast nationally and had brought lots of attention to Christmas Tree Lane and Fresno. Then ABC’s hit show, “The Great Christmas Light Fight” had come to Fresno in 2014 to see how the Alexander family surpassed other homes across the country. The Alexanders won first place, and they won a $50,000 prize that was donated to help keep Christmas Tree Lane glowing bright. ABC30 reported on the story  “The Alexander family was featured on “The Great Christmas Light Fight” on ABC30. Up against four other families in the country, the Alexanders came out on top. The family has been decorating their home for two decades and they say they’re happy the rest of the country was able to experience the Fresno tradition.”