How Can You Help The World Around You 

Giving Back Globally

How Can You Help The World Around You 

Lucine La Porta, Staff Writer

Now more than ever people need financial and health help. By donating to charities, you are helping people in need who are not as fortunate. Just a dollar can provide meals for a week for someone living in a developing country. Every small amount helps whether you know it or not.  

Research from a 2014 study, conducted by Charity Commission, shows that the public says that 40% of their friends and family have used or benefited from charity organizations. About 93% of all people use a wider range of charities such as museums, art galleries, and other public events. When we give to charities it can keep nonprofit museums and art galleries open for all the public to enjoy. In Fresno galleries such as The Fresno Art Museum are free to the public but rely on the support of local citizens. 

What we have to remember when we donate is that you don’t need to be a millionaire or give $20,000 to make a difference. With so much poverty in the world, every cent that you donate counts. Just a few dollars can provide medical attention or a week’s worth of food in developing countries. While it might seem that poverty can never be stopped, donating just a little can make a huge impact on someone’s life. 

If you don’t feel like handing a check over, there are also plenty of free online games and organizations that will help you donate. Games such as Free Rice help students advance in their English and donates free rice to starving communities in Africa. Online there are thousands of organizations to donate to. All you have to do is choose something that you care about and give even just a few dollars. Since the internet has allowed people to start donating online charities have boomed because it is easier to donate now. 

Whether it’s a dollar or 200 everything counts. There are people in communities in the United States that are not as fortunate as others and must live in poverty. There are countries in Africa that don’t have running water or food. By giving just a little you are not only helping others but also sparking hope in the hearts of others.