Why is the US Involved?

Kurds in Syria Our Allies

Christopher Velazquez, Staff Writer

The fight against ISIS is not fought alone for the US. The Kurds are one of the US allies against the terrorist group. But who exactly are they? And how did we come to be allies? 

The Kurds are an ethnic group in Syria that makes up about 10% of Syria’s total population (21 million). They also make up a large part of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. However, the Kurds have no state to call their own.  

The Kurds didn’t become a stateless nation until the Syrian civil war. They were originally doing peaceful demonstrations against the President of Syria, Bashar al Assad. However, they soon became involved in the civil war. America resisted the call to get involved in the civil war but could no longer resist it when they saw ISIS taking advantage of the chaos, capturing large amounts of land. 

During the fight against ISIS, the US needed a reliable ally to fight against the Islamic state. This is when they saw the Kurds as a great option. However, they needed to first ease the tension between the Kurds and Turkey, the latter who wants to take out the Kurds. The militia of the Kurds is an offshoot of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, which the US and Turkey recognize this as a terrorist group. The US encourages them to enlist more non-Kurds, change the name of its forces and withdraw its forces from the Turkish border as a sign of goodwill. All of this was thanks to the Obama administration. 

US President Donald Trump has always expressed taking our troops out of Syria. When he gave the order to leave our allies in the dust, it removed the only thing keeping Turkey from attacking the Kurds.