Fall Fashion Trends of 2019 

Alexis Chavez, Staff Writer


Fall is coming up, and I’m going to let you know what you need to look your best this season. According to Bloomingdale’s article “A complete Guide to the Top Fashion Trends of Fall 2019,” decades are back! Those iconic looks from the 70s-90s are making another appearance this fall, meaning handbags, belts, and trench coats. 


Small Hangbags 

A new trend that is in this Fall is something we have all seen, whether it was on the AMA’s red carpet with Lizzo or one of Kylie Jenner’s casual strolls with Stormi, we have seen the extremely small handbag. The tiny handbag is honestly completely impractical, but it’s meant for looks only and gives the fit a cute, chic look.  Not only are these headbands super fashionable, but they’re also a sensible fashion trend because they can keep your hair out of your face and give you a way to express yourself. 


Designer purple 

In 2018, it was all about Millennial pink, but in 2019 purple is now the color to wear! The overall purple look has been hitting the runways with designers from Gucci and Chanel to Louis Vuitton, all have come out with something stunning to wear. You can see Gucci’s limited-edition purple stripe GG monogram Joy Boston bag or their purple pink GUCCISMA wool women’s wrap shawl scarf, which is perfect for keeping you fashionably warm. 


Oversized coats 

The oversized trench coat is making a comeback. Paired with a cute pair of black denim jeans and a small wedged boot, you have the perfect fall look for pretty much any event.  There is a lot that you can do with the trench coat, for example, you can mix it up and try a unique outfit by pairing it with a simple day-to-day outfit, or you can go for a more classic look by matching it with a cute L.B.D.  



Satin is making a comeback from the 90s, which means a lot of Jennifer Anniston want-to-be’s. The Satin and silky clothing trend from the mid to late nineties are officially here and making a statement. Designers like Versace are responsible for this great revival, only now they updated their style and now have them in neon hues with some contrasting lace. 


Now that the decades are back, you should expect to see a lot of what your parents used to wear in their heyday, but 2019 is bringing them back with a twist–bright neon colors and