Preventing Abductions

Princess Palomares, Staff Writer

 There are ways for parents to help prevent their smaller children or teens from going missing. Since I am obviously not a parent, there isn’t much advice to give to parents. I would say just obvious facts that I think would be good. For one if you are in a grocery store, always have your child close to you and not going to the restroom alone.  Have your child near where your eyes can see.  

As for teens who are more independent and don’t like being with parents 24/7 or like going out, keep updates with them like where they are at and or checking up on them. Also, there are apps like Life 360 where it does show the exact location of your child and when they are moving etc. It helps so you can know where your child is always.  

Parental advice can be found on websites. It can be from personal experiences or just being prepared a parent.  This website which you can copy and paste to the URL can help or show you the ways for prevention. it has bullet points so it can be faster to skim and read through.  It also has different contact information to reach when child abduction occurs which wants to be avoided of course. Other than 911, they can help find your child or teen.  

Now just reading through this can help you and from preventing this. Just knowing this information helps parents.  For example, t point they have listed is to obviously never have a large distance where you do not have eye-contact.  As well as if you have nannies or babysitters, do some background check and don’t just put your kids with a stranger.