EHS Boys Tennis FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About EHS Sports


Julio Arevalo, Staff Writer


What equipment do you need in order to play tennis?

  • You don’t need much equipment for tennis, you only need 2 things, which are a tennis ball and a tennis racket. They can be found in your local Walmart or Target. 

Is Tennis an expensive sport to play in high school?

  • Tennis is not a very expensive sport to start out, but it can get expensive as you go deeper into tennis. You can find a tennis racket for $20-$50 at target or Walmart, but some specialty rackets can cost $250. A tennis ball is relatively cheap as well, usually being $3 for 3 balls. 

How do I join the Edison tennis team?

  • You can join the Edison tennis team by contacting the athletic director (Verduzco) During Covid tennis might not be available to new players, but it will be available when everything is safer. 

How do you play Tennis?

  • The basic goal of tennis is to score a point on your opponent and hit the ball over the net. You can gain a point if you make the ball bounce 2 times on your opponent’s court or if your opponent hits the ball at the net or out. 

How do you win a tennis match?

  • A tennis match is divided into 2 sets minimum with 6 games minimum in each set. A player can win a set if they win 6 games before the other player wins 6 games. In order to win the match, you must win 2 sets, so there would be a maximum of 3 sets in a tennis match. 

Is tennis a team sport, if not how is it played?

  • Tennis is not a team sport, there are doubles and singles matches included, a single match is just played with one player on each court and a double match is a match with a partner. For a team to win, most of the players must beat the other teams’ players, so if there are 9 matches one school must win 5 matches. So, one person cannot carry the team. 

When is the Edison Boys Tennis season?

  • The Edison Boys Tennis season is a spring sport, so it goes on from March to May. 

How many teams are there on the Edison Tennis team?

  • There is a Varsity team that can only have 9 players max and a JV team that can hold more than 9 players. 

How does a Tennis Tournament work?

  • A tennis tournament is essentially an individual tournament, so if a player on the Edison team is really good, they could individually win a tournament.