Dear President Joe Biden

Voices From Your Generation


Heveni Magana, Staff Writer

Dear President Joe Biden, 

I hope your first weeks as president have been well and as you hoped they would be. I am a senior at Edison high school in Fresno, California. I have many questions concerning your next four years in office.

One of my major concerns is your plans for schooling during the pandemic. Do you plan to leave them as they are, or do you have any changes in mind? If you do plan to leave them as is, I worry about the education of our generation. I have heard countless stories of current college students who have dropped out due to the excessive cost of their education during the pandemic. Even though the cost has not changed many students feel as though their education has significantly decreased in value and are struggling with the material.

Another major concern is our economy. Smaller businesses and even large corporations are having an exceedingly difficult time staying open. A suggestion I would like to share is to create stimulus like checks for small business owners, as it would help our economy tremendously. 

 A second idea that I have is working with representatives from each state to plan a way to help younger kids mentally during this time. The number of suicide cases has significantly increased since the start of Covid-19; a plan to prevent suicide is much needed. A couple of ideas for this plan may include small activities like scavenger hunts given through thschools that kids can do in their own backyard or even creating an after-school hours group chat where kids can talk to one another via chat or video call. Lastly, I would like to add that not only do we have to worry about kids, but also how this is affecting adults as well. In a household, the dynamic and relationships are built with the help of every member. If even one member is struggling emotionally or mentally, it may cause the entire household to become dysfunctional or abusive. With that being said, it is important that our citizens have access to resources that may help them get through this difficult time without taking it out on those around them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and suggestions, I hope you enjoy your term. 

Thank You, 

Heveni Magana