It’s Senior Season for Lax! 

Jada Shorte, Staff Writer

Many of you may not know but Tuesday 4/26 is senior night for lacrosse. The game is home against Hoover at 5pm. I feel as though the Edison lacrosse team gets very overlooked considering our amazing 10-3 record. All of us especially our seniors, have been working hard since December to take the spot as the champions for this season. The seniors on our lax team deserve some appreciation before their last senior night. So, let highlight all 9 of these seniors we all know and love!

Evelyn Duarte-Lanza #3 

Evelyn is one of our captains with a very leader-like personality, she plays midi and does an outstanding job. She has been playing lax with us for 4 years and you can see her consistently winning off the draw. Unfortunately, due to an injury she endured during one of our previous games she was unable to play but she’s remained supportive of the team. We miss her so much and we are so thankful for the hard work she put in during both practice and games. Go Evelyn!  

Rebekah Krumpe #14 

Bekah!!! Bekah also has been playing lax for Edison for 4 years. She plays attack and has the best ball control ever. She is always able to keep her cool even during heated games. She plans to attend Azusa Pacific university after high school and being part of their honors college. She hopes to become a middle or elementary school teacher. She says she’s going to miss her friends, family, and teachers. She also is going to miss playing volleyball and lacrosse competitively. We are all so thankful for getting the opportunity to play with Bekah, we love you! 

Jazira Abrille #15 

This is Jazira’s 3rd year playing lacrosse as an unbelievably valuable defender. Jazira plays with aggression and is always hustling. Jazira is such a hilarious person and super fun to be around. She dealt with some injuries at the beginning of the season and managed with lots of patience to come back and play. She says she is going to miss the stray dogs running across campus when she leaves Edison. Jazira is such a slay! 

Arianna Ruiz-DaSilva #16 

Arianna has been playing lax for 4 years and played both defense and attack. Arianna is willing to adjust and go with the flow of what is needed from her. It is not easy to switch from attack to defense, but she can do it because she is such an amazing all-around player. She plans to attend the University of San Francisco after high school. She says she is going to miss the people she has made connections with on campus and our school cats that hang out under the P building. We will miss you, Ms. Arianna!  

Sherlyn Avendano #17 

Sherlyn has been playing lax as a midi for 4 years. She has amazing time management as she can balance school, a job, and still play lax with her full effort every practice and game. After high school she plans to attend Fresno state so she can get her bachelor’s in nursing. She says she is going to miss being a kid. You’re the best Sherlyn! 

Aileen Leon Gutierrez #20 

Aileen is a 4-year lacrosse player, and she plays on defense. She is such a genuine person we love her so much. She faced a severe injury towards the beginning of the season, but she was able to work extremely hard and get back on her feet. We are so glad to have her back! After high school she hopes to pursue a career in the education system. Shes going to miss the bond the lacrosse team has and all the people who made it worth coming every day. We love you, Ms. Aileen! 

Paige Ounesavath #24 

Paige is another one of our captions and she’s a 4-year player on attack. Paige is one of the sweetest people you will meet, and she has an amazing work ethic. Shes super helpful and will give you helpful tips to allow you to improve. Shes always encouraging and will never put you down, you can always talk to her if you need. Paige is attending Fresno State and partaking in their Smittcamp honors program, she hopes to major in human nutritional sciences. She says she is going to miss the community and people at Edison along with lacrosse of course. Edison will miss you so much Paigey Poo! 

Zera Brown #30 

Zera is one of our midis and she’s been playing lax for 3 years. Zera is a very fast runner and is always hustling. Shes super nice to everyone and has such a contagious laugh. Shes easy to talk to and very accepting. Zera is going to miss people who have made school a home for her these past four years. She especially is thankful for her best friends that have turned into another family for her, along with Miss Beal and Miss Gray who have been super loving and supportive these past years. She of course will miss the best team and coach in the league. We love you Zera!  

Dallas Blajos #37 

Dallas is one of our middy/defensive players and this is her first year playing. Dallas is super-fast and she jumped into the sport her senior year and immedicably picked it up. Dallas has great energy and is fun to be around. After high school Dallas is planning to go to Fresno state to become a teacher. She says she’s going to miss her friends and football games. Slay Dallas!