April IS Poetry Month




Poetry is a way to express feelings or ideas. In poems, you can rhyme and use style to make a special sense. A person can create poetry by using their imagination. Poetry has rhythm sound and meaning to it by sending out an experience or emotional response.  

In my 6th period, we are authoring poems. I have learned so far that there are several types of poetry out in the world. In a poem, you can talk about several things, but you must know how to summarize it into short lines so that it can make sense or for it to be called a poem. Another thing that is important is that many singers use poetry to write their songs. 

Poetry has been used in music for over a thousand years. Poetry and music both use rhythm and the creation of emotions. Although there is a difference between poetry and poems. Poems are more about arranging words that have the same last two sounds. Poetry is more about a writer’s feelings and thoughts. Also, poetry does not have to rhyme.