What to Expect in your Freshman Year 

What to Expect in your Freshman Year 

Felix Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Some things to expect in your freshman year, and what teachers expect from you. If you get put into the biomedical branch, then you might have Mr. McFadden, he teaches Principles of BioMed. You might also have Ms. Nielsen, who is the English BioMed teacher in ninth grade. 

What do you expect from your students? 

Mr. McFadden: I expect them to learn how to try, and to understand school is about effort, not about how smart you are. 

Ms. Nielsen: I expect them to participate and bring their best every day. 

What do you want future freshman students to know? 

Mr. McFadden: I want them to know reasonability and discipline will play a big factor in their success. Must be willing to try and willing to make mistakes and willing to ask for help 

Ms. Nielsen: High school classes are when your classes start to really matter. So, if you have not tried before you should know. 

I talked to other freshmen, and this is what they said. 

Was freshman year easy? 

Unknown 9th: Freshman year was kind of hard for me. I didn’t do any homework and almost no classwork. I lived on the edge. I passed on almost all C’s and a couple of A’s. 

Unknown 9th: It was kind of easy, but still challenging. 

What would you tell future freshmen? 

Unknown 9th: I would tell future freshmen to not stress too much. A (B) or a (C) is not going to kill you. I’m living life with my C’s. If you miss some assignments, you won’t die. 

Unknown 9th: Try to do your work on time, and don’t let it pile up.