Starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be odd most of time. Where do you start? Especially with a structure like this journalism project, conversations can be cold and mechanic. That isn’t any person’s fault, but it is very commonplace. That is not the case when you talk with Alexis Vasquez.

Alexis gave me the basics: age, favorite media, favorite food, and a couple of other things. But what really grabbed my attention is what she told me when I asked her what the bravest thing she had ever done was. Once, at her cousin’s house, she was dared to jump off a roof. She did. She then landed in a moving pickup truck! She had no serious injuries, and still chuckles when she tells people the story for the first time. With this short anecdote, Alexis made it very clear to me that she was fearless and up for anything at any time.

Alexis Vasquez, Staff Writer

The Official Student News Source of Edison High School - Fresno, CA