• September 20Homecoming Queen/King and Court during halftime
  • September 17Home Match Thursday against Hoover
  • October 18Homecoming Game Friday at Ratcliffe Stadium
Angel Gaytan
Angel Gaytan is new to Edison High as a freshman this year. Before coming to Edison, he attended Computech Middle School. At school he is interested in Biology which is his favorite class. Apart from any normal class Angel is interested in guitar and is involved in a guitar club. This also shows it’s something he is very interested in as he is also a fan of classic rock. The reasons as to why he is in journalism is because he likes to write. Not only writing but he also likes to keep himself informed and like to keep up with the current news. Other interest he has outside of school and music is watching one of his favorite dragon ball series. At home he also has a pet which happens to be a cat. In the end after school his plans are to get a small job and be able to save up to go to college. 

Angel Gaytan, Reporter

Sep 17, 2019
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