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Fresno, CA -- Second week of her junior year at Edison High School, B’Elanna, (16), seems intrigued to be part of the Journalism class that she ran to be president of this club. Unfortunately she did not win the election but was a good sport about it and congratulated the president which is Bradley. Being a good sport like she is, B’Elanna answered a few questions I had for her. One of these questions being, “How was her childhood as a kid?” Let me tell you this first, her childhood wasn’t as great as any other kid. When she was 6 years old, her parents divorced, her mom was sent to jail and her dad was at rehab. Her mom then passed away when she was in 7th grade so she is now living with her dad to this day. As you can see B’Elanna had a pretty rough childhood but that didn’t stop her from continuing her life and enjoying every bit of it, just how she enjoys playing the ukulele on her free time. I also took the time to ask her what was her point of view of our president Donald Trump. She didn’t have much to say about him, other than he’s a horrible person and a @$#!& and how the situation is right now with everything happening with him and North Korea, she believes there can possibly be a World War III. But with all the hatred that she has and having a rough childhood, she has some positive things going on in her life and plans to attend college and maybe major as a pediatrician.

B'Elanna Lasater, Staff Writer

Dec 06, 2017
Justice for the Justice League (Story)
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