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For my in-class interview I interviewed Bacilio. He is seventeen years old and was born in Fresno, CA to his parents Raul and Rosa Rubio. Currently, Bacilio is a senior at Edison High school. Before he went to Edison he went to Computech middle school, and before that he went to Calwa Elementary. Though not having an exact reason for picking Journalism as an elective, he seems like he enjoys it. My first impression of Bacilio was that he seemed like a quiet reserved person. After talking with him for a few days, it’s less that he’s reserved and more that he’s just a super chill and nice person. I was right to think he was quite a quiet person though, he’s not big on talking.


Story time:

Though Bacilio may not have been the biggest talker I did manage to get one story from him.When Bacilio was around seven years old he went to a family reunion with all of his family. At some point in the night, him and one of his cousins had to go to the bathroom, so they ran out into the hallway to go find it.This cousin happened to be quite a bit bigger and older than Bacilio and while they were zooming their way to the bathroom, this cousin accidentally ran into Bacilio. That accidental shove from his cousin sent Bacilio right into a wall, causing him to end up with a pretty bad gash in his head. Now, 10ish years later that gash is nothing more than a scar. Another story I got was from a friend of Bacilio, Joaquin. He told me that when Bacilio was a freshman, he ran for freshman prince for the Homecoming court. Initially, there were other people running against him for freshman prince. By the end of the race though, it was a different story. By the end of the race all of the other freshman boys running, dropped out of the race for one reason or another. So, funnily enough, Bacilio had won by default.


What’s in store for Bacilio?

Bacilio seems excited for his future, near and far. After high school he plans to attend Fresno State to start a career as a sports physician. He wants to go to Fresno State because it’s cheap and he wanted to stay local. He wants to become a sports physician because he likes and understands sports. Speaking of sports, he told me that he plays soccer and that he’s pretty good at it. What inspires him to do better and go places in life the most are his parents because he wants to make them proud. For his hypothetical future I decided to ask how he thought he was going to die. Though being thrown off by the question at first he eventually got to the answer that he thinks he could die by drowning. When I asked why he thought that, he went on to tell me that he hates the beach and the ocean and that he could drown because a bad storm could come out of nowhere and wreck his hypothetical boat and then he’d be stranded in the middle of a seemingly endless blue sea.


Quick Fun Facts

Though I may not have gotten many juicy stories from Bacilio, I did get quite a few fun facts. First of which being that he has two dogs, Sophie and Chiquita.  For media related things his favorite movie is The Outsiders and his favorite music genres are rap, hip-hop, and spanish. If he had to choose between traveling to the past or the future, he said he’d go back in time so that he could fix his past mistakes. In his free time he loves to play soccer and eat tacos, which happen to be his favorite food. If Bacilio could live anywhere in the world he said he would live somewhere in Europe because it would be “fun and neat”.

Bacilio Rubio Jauregui, Staff Writer

May 25, 2018
The Grandest Stage of All (Story)
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