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Bradley Moench is a student president of the Journalism Club and was born on May 17 in the year 2000. He is a senior in Edison High school. Something about him is that he was not born out of the United States and neither were his parents. The way he describes himself is light brown hair,big hands, and with hazel eyes. His type of style is a casual style with just a shirt and some shorts and some nike slides. His height is 5’6 which is a good height because he isn’t small or too tall.

A place he would like to go visit later in the future is Australia for their animals like kangaroos. He would love to travel there to see some of Australia's outdoor places and also see their cultures. He would probably like to also try some of the foods of  Australia that they have and there restaurants. What he enjoys doing with his friends is watch tv and watch the tv show spongebob. During the summer he loves to swim and it's also one of his favorite hobby. He also enjoys to exercise in his free time one of his favorites exercises is to swim. What he likes to do with his family is spend time with them and have dinner with them.

Some of his favorite things that he likes for example his favorite desserts and people who he values. One of his favorite holiday is New Years because it's a New Year and spend time with his family at parties. A favorite dessert cake he like is a carrot cake and a chocolate cake. His favorite social media is SnapChat because he says it’s a quicker and easier way to communicate. A person he values the most is his father because he has always been there for him when he has a game of waterpolo. His favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookies because of the chocolate chips. His favorite pet is a komodo dragon because it is majestic creature. Getting to know him was nice because of his nice personalit

Bradley Moench, Staff Writer

May 25, 2018
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