In all honesty I’ve known Eric for a while, and we’ve at the very least been well acquainted since my sophomore year here at Edison high school. The very first thing I noticed about Eric was his relaxed demeanor. He rarely became over excited by the questions I asked him, and laughed when appropriate to the question and his responses.


I greeted Eric when he sat down, offered a handshake as is customary, and we got right into the Interview. I learned that Eric cares deeply about the Environment and the loss of bees affecting our world these days, stating that “Bees are very Important for flowers and trees”, and “The Environment is beautiful, and Without it our planet would fall apart”. Clearly, Eric is a knowledgeable person, and cares deeply about our planet.  After a while we got to chatting and got to my next question,’what’s your favorite movie?’ to which he answered Friday. I hadn’t heard of that movie, so I asked about it. To be completely honest, I still don’t really know much about the movie, other than the fact that it stars Ice cube, but it’s good to know Eric is into popular media and movies. I also learned that Eric values family above all else. When I asked who he would sacrifice to the dark lord, between a newborn baby and a relative of his choosing, rather than choosing to sacrifice an annoying family member, he compassionately chose to forfeit an infant child’s life. What a great guy. Eric seemed very pleasant the whole time, and very willing to answer my questions.  All in all, I really enjoyed our conversation, and I hope to become better friends with him.

Eric Gaytan, Staff Writer

The Official Student News Source of Edison High School - Fresno, CA