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Ezekiel is a person of nonchalance and uses logic and thinking skills of how he view most things and people it would be of great irritance that you can make him angry sometimes he seems bland unless comfortable with you as well is he brutally honest and detached in his sense of humor or is very dry he has very much time on his hands and seems very intelligent as well as productive when he chooses he is a student at edison high school whose future goals are to get better at guitar. His enjoyment in edison high school  is the diversity of the students here at edison which is a very well diverse school.speaking of diversity and getting in touch with other ethnicities his view on politics are that in general politics have a good affect on people but eventually corruption is at hand everywhere in poverty and  people like to travel and meet new people and learn there ethnics so i asked ezekiel or( zeke) for short where was the first place he would travel ideally a lot of people would say something attractive such as san francisco or vegas well yes he says he would travel to san francisco if the option was that the trip was free. San francisco is a very beautiful and great place to visit although there are many attractions.it does has it downsides like corruption so i asked how he felt about police brutality he implied that he believes it has a good and bad affect not quite sure very iffy about the situation there are good people and bad ppl in this world some are nice and encouraging while others tend not to be so i asked does he believe he can be a good motivator to those out of encouragement ? he believes he can be out of effort towards what kind of person it is he is dealing with yet i believe it should take no effort if there is a certain type of person to be encouraged at all. With that he believes he is both modest and malevolent when it comes to one's achievements which seems true since he is honest which may tie into his honesty and collectiveness ezekiel is very observant as well as he categorizes not like of most ppl like how i asked him does he believe materialism is a disease he says metaphorically yes it is with that i believe he is very calm in situations luke that or any one most people act without doing or do without acting  not xeke when i asked how would he react in a situation he was tested in purposely he replied he is not a person to act out of anger in a since not an angry person which i believe is semi true from what i have seen and only retaliates violence is in motion or he feel he is being oppressed which is not common here at edison although it can come to a commit by most people of our stereotype for instance i asked if he believe we had our own stereotype at edison he believed we do because in all actuality we do and he believes only some conspiracy theories are true then he explained what he thought on the situation which could in a sense show he studies things like that. And many other smart things as ba student he says he is a good student i believe so and when asked is it easier to love than to hate he says it is easier to love than to hate ezekiel is not so much the complex character but her certainly is a cool person  

Ezekial Alvarado, Staff Writer

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