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Sergio Romero is what others know him by, but some may not know that his full name is Sergio Jay Joshua Romero Serrano Pacheco. First impressions when you look at him, would be “oh, he’s mexican”. Well sorry to say this, but he is mixed. Sergio is mixed with African American, Mexican and Caucasian. Also some may be surprised that he’s currently a freshmen at Edison high school. Although his appearance makes him look older, like a junior in high school. The reason for that is because of his facial hair. Another surprise is that Sergio is supposed to be a sophmore in high school. Interviewing and getting to know Sergio had so many interesting surprises that you would never think of, if you did not know him well.


His favorite memory is when he knocked his opponent out when he was in boxing. It was a good feeling he ever felt. The thought of winning is the best. Besides boxing, Sergio plays football and basketball, but not for Edison High school. And what annoys him the most in football is when someone drags him when he is trying to move. With all those sports, he wishes to pass and graduate from Edison.


In the future, Sergio wishes to have a luxurious life. He wants to have lots of money and with that money he wants to get things like a Rolex, Ferrari, and a Husky, along with a loving wife. Also with that money he can buy his favorite foods, which are tacos, chicken and many more. But for now, he is trying to overcome his daily challenge, which is waking up on time in the mornings, with the help of his hip hop music. But good thing Sergio has no fears, so that he can get all the sleep he needs and succeed in life and accomplishes his goals to get that luxurious lifestyle. I wish him best of luck accomplishing his goals of getting what he wants and graduating from Edison High school.

Jay Romero, Staff Writer

May 24, 2018
Goals After Freshmen Year (Story)
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