After three long, arduous days of rigorous preparation, the day has dawned upon me; Monday,  August 21, I made my way onto the campus of Edison High School, squeezing the papers in my hands, the questions I’ve made almost leaping out from the pages. Today, I was determined to finally provide the answer to a question that has nibbled at my mind for a short while: how much do Edison students plan for college/university?

I scurried my way over to R29. As would a heat-seeking missile, I charged towards an empty, corner table, and began to arrange my thoughts and paperwork until everyone in the class had arrived. Once the time for interviews began, I headed for the nearest empty table, and my interviewee, Jesus Sandoval, followed. Before I took my place, Mr. Sandoval  courteously allowed me to sit down first.

Mr. Sandoval is a laidback, casual 12th grader from the U.S’s neighbor to the south, Mexico. He is passionate about soccer, as evidenced by his participation in Edison’s soccer team, and when Mr. Sandoval is not playing soccer, he can be seen playing video games on his console or in front of a television watching superhero shows.

Like many, Mr. Sandoval plans on pursuing higher education, specifically at U.C. Berkeley; he would seek to become an electrical engineer, or a businessman/accountant, seeing as Mr. Sandoval is skilled in mathematics. He will be the first in his family to attend any college/university, let alone one of the most prestigious universities in the country.. For such a high prospect, Mr. Sandoval has strove to maintain exceptional grades; since competition for entry at any facility of higher education is typically tight, any additional item one can put on their application is always a good idea. Good grades can also help Mr. Sandoval obtain scholarships, sparing him and his family from many expenses.

However, scholarships are not the only way to gain extra money. Mr. Sandoval has considered attaining a part time job during his years in high school, likely working as a soccer referee; in this way, he can earn money while doing something he loves. But, a part time job can also bring about some burdens, particularly reducing the amount of time one can spend on schoolwork and hobbies; with less time to waste, one would have to manage their time ever-so wisely.

Jesus Sandoval, Staff Writer

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