The other day I interviewed a student named Joaquin Ayon, a 17 old years senior at Edison High. Joaquin is a charismatic, weird, and religious person. His parent was born and raised in Mexico but crossed the border so that he and his siblings can have more opportunities. Since his parents crossed the border 3 times. One time his mother got caught, but not too serious to get trouble badly. Joaquin is born and raised in southeast Fresno. When he was 7 years old, he ripped open his top knee. After a 1 year, he decided to play soccer again, but he injured the same knee.   The reason why he attended to Edison, because his sister attended too, along with he went Computech so that he was automatically to Edison. He would organize when he cares about the subject or passion. He went to Valley soccer for 4 years in a row, but sadly lost all 4. One of his greatest strength is care for others. I asked, “What does failure mean to you?” Joaquin said, “ Learn from my mistakes to become a better person.” During free time he likes to watch wrestle or Netflix. Type of show on Netflix would be like cooking shows. The dream job of his is to become a lawyer, because he wants to help and argue with people. I asked, “ Where do you want to live in the future?” Joaquin said, “ In Fresno, because there would be jobs that he interest in the future. And for the weather and community.” Change is something all people have to deal with in life but for Joaquin, he deals with change more differently. Working with peers he would like for all to participate and help each other.


Joaquin Ayon, Staff Writer

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