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Who is Marcos?

Marcos is a classmate in my journalism class, a very pacific calm person who seems shy at first glance.  In Marcos’ own words, he is “honest and thoughtful” such description does not seem as  far fetched. When asked how many siblings  he has, he responded “seven” . Shortly after I asked how  it was having 7 siblings which he described as “annoying. “ some people  would have said it was tiring or difficult but marcos was straight up, there was no sugar coating it.

A look towards the future

Like any other person marcos has hopes and dreams that he wishes  to accomplish. To get to know a little more about marcos i asked him where he saw himself in 10 years. Marcos wants to  become a technician because the current  generation is built upon technology. “Technology,  there is always room for improvement  is not going to slow down.” Technology is the future marcos explains.  A dream that is  a little less ambitious is becoming a teacher as he likes to help others and contribute to their understanding overall marcos sees himself being successful in the field of technology .   


“ Running gives me life, it makes me feel free.” cross  country is part of Marco's life as well as track. Marcos anticipates every spring because it is the time that cross country starts.  Not only does marcos likes  running but he also enjoys the art of music. Marcos liked how people could create such beautiful melodies from the piano and decided that it was a skill he wanted to obtain. Beyond  running and music marcos has also found himself wanting a deeper understanding of  history. History is important  to him because he believes history teaches us to not do the same mistakes.

Goals for this year

Marcos is a junior almost done with highschool. Going to a university or college is one of his main goals. He understands that it is important to be involved in school therefore one of his goals for this year is to be in at least two clubs. One short term goal is to pass all his classes. Even though Marcos was not particularly interested in journalism he has grown to be curious of what journalism can do for him. His goal for journalism is to grow with the class and become a better writer.

Comments from classmates:

Silverio described Marcos as calm, quiet, and easily distracted.  

Marcos Atrisco, Staff Writer

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