• February 21Varsity Boys Soccer falls to Redwood in playoffs. Redwood advances to Championships

  • February 21Boys Basketball beats Ridgeview 72-64

  • February 21 Baseball Game Thursday 3:30 at Buchanan

2017-2018 Staff

Ana Espinoza

Staff Writer

It is a warm July morning. The year is 2026. Police sirens, an ambulance, and constant chatter fill the air. There’s a tumultuous aura; a man has been murdered. A woman arrives on the scene with a dark suit on, her bright red ...

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B'Elanna Lasater

Staff Writer

Fresno, CA -- Second week of her junior year at Edison High School, B’Elanna, (16), seems intrigued to be part of the Journalism class that she ran to be president of this club. Unfortunately she did not win the election bu...

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Bradley Moench

Staff Writer

  Bradley Moench is a student president of the Journalism Club and was born on May 17 in the year 2000. He is a senior in Edison High school. Something about him is that he was not born out of the United States and ne...

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Jazari Shillings

Staff Writer

Meeting Jazari Shillings was something I never expected to do. When the class was told that we would be conducting interviews, I immediately began drafting questions to ask my friends, not my classmates. Once we were assigned partn...

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Bacilio Rubio Jauregui

Staff Writer

For my in-class interview I interviewed Bacilio. He is seventeen years old and was born in Fresno, CA to his parents Raul and Rosa Rubio. Currently, Bacilio is a senior at Edison High school. Before he went to Edison he went to Co...

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Ezekial Alvarado

Staff Writer

Ezekiel is a person of nonchalance and uses logic and thinking skills of how he view most things and people it would be of great irritance that you can make him angry sometimes he seems bland unless comfortable with you as well is...

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Marcos Atrisco

Staff Writer

Who is Marcos? Marcos is a classmate in my journalism class, a very pacific calm person who seems shy at first glance.  In Marcos’ own words, he is “honest and thoughtful” such description does not seem as  far fet...

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Shy Jones

Staff Writer

Shynia “Shy” Jones is a junior and one of about 2,000 students that goes to Edison High School in Fresno, California. In the 3 years Shynia has been at Edison, Shynia has gained an interest in math and her favorite teache...

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Ocean Sonephady

Staff Writer

Second  week,  and  the  7th  day  of  school,  you  get  to  meet  new  people  in your  class,  and  in  your  whole  school. Getting  to  know  each  other,  your  teachers, and  everything  else.  But ...

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Jesus Sandoval

Staff Writer

After three long, arduous days of rigorous preparation, the day has dawned upon me; Monday,  August 21, I made my way onto the campus of Edison High School, squeezing the papers in my hands, the questions I’ve made almost le...

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Kasey Jerkovich

Staff Writer

Hello, My name is Ceariaco Dixon, and I’m here to talk about my partner’s life Kasey. She’s a great girl and it really seems like her life is important the way she was telling about her lifestyle. We had a lot in common like for...

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Tiffany Vang

Staff Writer

Tiffany is a junior student at Edison High School, who is 16 year old. She was born in Fresno California, born August 26, 2001. Her parents grew up in Laos, Thailand. She personally was born in Fresno, California. She has one...

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Alexis Vasquez

Staff Writer

Starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be odd most of time. Where do you start? Especially with a structure like this journalism project, conversations can be cold and mechanic. That isn’t any person’s fault, b...

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Evani Meza

Staff Writer

It was very interesting getting the chance to interview Evani Meza, someone I had not met ever before, and learning about her interests and dislikes and observing our similarities. One of the first things I noticed about Evani was he...

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Joaquin Ayon

Staff Writer

The other day I interviewed a student named Joaquin Ayon, a 17 old years senior at Edison High. Joaquin is a charismatic, weird, and religious person. His parent was born and raised in Mexico but crossed the border so that he a...

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Eric Gaytan

Staff Writer

In all honesty I’ve known Eric for a while, and we’ve at the very least been well acquainted since my sophomore year here at Edison high school. The very first thing I noticed about Eric was his relaxed demeanor. He rarely...

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Jay Romero

Staff Writer

Sergio Romero is what others know him by, but some may not know that his full name is Sergio Jay Joshua Romero Serrano Pacheco. First impressions when you look at him, would be “oh, he’s mexican”. Well sorry to say this, but he ...

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Miracle Jackson

Staff Writer

I know Miracle. I’ve noticed her around Edison since freshman year. As for her backstory, it isn’t a complicated one, but it still is one many others share: born in the year 2001, in Fresno. Surprisingly enough, she said...

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Junior Sicairos

Staff Writer

When I met Junior, the first thing I noticed was his nonchalant attitude  and calm demeanor, but very social and has a close group of friends. He is a conservative, with a calm and relaxed attitude. He is a conservative, although ...

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Lizebeth Gutierrez

Staff Writer

Background info on Lizabeth and her family: Lizabeth Gutirraz is a Sixteen year old who currently goes to Edison High School and  prefers the colour lavender because it’s a softer shade of purple  . Lizabeth was raised by her...

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Aleia Bandy

Staff Writer

One can only imagine what goes through the mind of future lawyer or cook Aleia Bandy. Although only 14 years old she already has huge plans for her future and believes that her argumentative skills will help her pursue her career...

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Omar Dahir

Staff Writer

by Tiffany Vang Omar is a student attending Edison High School,  He is currently a junior and likes many things a usual teen would love to like. He enjoys using his iPhone, enjoys the ice cream flavor vanilla, and many other ...

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Michael Wiehl

Staff Writer

Michael Wiehl By Jaidey Lewis-Jimenez At Edison High School there are so many good things going around as a school with full of really good staff and students. This is Michael, one of the students at EHS. One of his hobbies i...

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