Second  week,  and  the  7th  day  of  school,  you  get  to  meet  new  people  in your  class,  and  in  your  whole  school. Getting  to  know  each  other,  your  teachers, and  everything  else.  But  what  you  really  don’t  know  is  their  personal  lives  and what  they  do  on  a  daily  basis.  Wanting  to  know  what  would  they  do,  their  final day  and  what  they  do  on  school  campus.

When  you  first  meet  Ocean  Sonephady  you  notice  her  beautiful,  soft,  long hair.  She  is  currently  14  right  now  as  a  freshmen  at   Edison  High  School.  While starting  out  as  a  freshman,  her  favourite  subject  so  far  is  biology  and  she does  not  eat  the  school  lunch.  Meanwhile  while  out  at  lunch,  she  currently  hangs  out  with  10  of  her  friends.  What she’s excited for this year is meeting new friends and have met one new friend so far.

Some personal things about ocean is when she has her funeral, she will want people who are attending to her funeral say their own opinions about her. Meanwhile, on her last day of living, she wants to do everything on her bucket list. She will want to travel the world, places like Florida. W

Ocean Sonephady, Staff Writer

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