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by Tiffany Vang

Omar is a student attending Edison High School,  He is currently a junior and likes many things a usual teen would love to like. He enjoys using his iPhone, enjoys the ice cream flavor vanilla, and many other things. Omar also has really high hopes for his future career, he works hard everyday to become a future engineer. He wants to go to Fresno because of the amazing pathways to become an engineer.  State As i was interviewing Omar and asked him questions, i saw how thoroughly he thought about how he wanted to answer them, and when he did they were very precise answers.

Many people have strong points in school like a subject that they’re good at or one that they’re not best at. Omar likes math, he thinks that it is an really easy subject, by paying attention and following formulas you can get the right answer. A subject in school that he isn’t a big fan of is history. “There’s too many dates to remember!!” Omar says.

When you look at Omar, you can definitely tell that he is an athletic type of person. He wears the usual Nike brand clothes, shoes, and sometimes socks. I asked him if he liked any other shoes/clothing brand while suggesting Michael Jordans, he stopped me then and there and responded “NO! I don’t like Jordans.”  

A person that Omar holds closely to his heart is his mom. I of coursed asked why, and you can tell that as he was explaining why he loves his mom that he truly has a place in his heart for her. “I love her because she’s always there for me, every time i need something or someone she’s there for me.

Omar’s usual morning routine for school is very simple. When i asked him what he does to get ready for school, he replied, “I get up, shower, eat breakfast, and leave when it’s time.” As interviewing Omar i got to see and learn many things about him. Another fun fact about him is that if he could travel anywhere in the world right now he would go to Hawaii.

Overall after meeting and interviewing Omar he is a very bright young man with huge plans for his future. He is also very friendly and easy to talk to.

Omar Dahir, Staff Writer

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