Rayna Hayward
Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, Rayna (16) Hayward comes across as an intelligent, compassionate, and down-to-earth person. She recently moved to Fresno from Michigan, and so far, she’s enjoying her senior year here at Edison, though it is a change from her old school. Rayna comes from a performing arts background, focusing specifically on singing and drama; when I asked if she had a favorite play, she had a very difficult time deciding, but was adamant in her disliking for Romeo & Juliet. In regards to writing, her background mainly consists of English courses that she has taken throughout her education, and she is quite excited to try out something new. When asked what three words best describe herself, she had to pause for a moment before responding with “kind, helpful, and... loyal.” After spending these last several days getting to know her, I can attest that she truly embodies all three. While she is still exploring to see what on-campus activities strike her fancy, her favorite out-of-school activities include reading, listening to music of all kinds, and window shopping. Using her love of reading as inspiration, the idea of writing book reviews and making recommendations seemed to particularly interest her. As a senior, the question of what follows after high school is inevitable, and a great many are still searching for the answer. Rayna, however, has already found her calling, and was quick to respond that she plans to major in early childhood education and become a preschool teacher. Despite the fact that she’s new on campus, Rayna Hayward is already uplifting our Edison community with her friendly personality and can-do attitude, and her writing looks to do the same.

Rayna Hayward, Staff Writer

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