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Tiffany is a junior student at Edison High School, who is 16 year old. She was born in Fresno California, born August 26, 2001. Her parents grew up in Laos, Thailand. She personally was born in Fresno, California. She has one more year of high school,and I wondered what her plans were outside of high school. Instead of giving a popular answer like college or getting a job. She said she wanted to find her voice and not be as shy as she is. She wants to become a better leader in her future. She also has something that really pisses me off about her, the fact that she hates pizza….. Like how is that even possible. Tiffanys parents and family members and friends have similar descriptions according to her. Her family calls her obnoxious and a little more crazy, her friends say she's more joyful and funny, their one in the same. Her music taste is very broad she doesn’t like a specific artist but enjoys the Top Hits list. Lastly unfortunately her favorite teacher is not Mrs.Leyba (like how) but Mr. Perez.

Tiffany Vang, Staff Writer

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