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Alejandro Gutierrez comes across as an intelligent, compassionate, and down-to-earth person. He fears the unknown as he never knows what will come from it, which is relatable to some extent. Alejandro is very comfortable with himself but would change one thing about himself which is his eyesight. Alejandro stated, “I have longed for better eyes and it has grown tiresome to wear glasses.” During his childhood, Alejandro was a very friendly kid. He misses the friends that he had as a child and how care-free they were. In the future, he sees himself living the average life with a stable income and hanging out with a couple of friends. An interesting fact about  Alejandro is he is a part of weight training activities. Alejandro is an introvert and would rather stay at home than go out, but there are times that he likes to go out and spend time with friends. He made an inspirational statement saying, “I always think that there is improvement everywhere and accomplishments are just a limit people set for themselves”. He doesn’t watch or play any sports, but he does take time to watch cooking videos to learn to become a better cook. Alejandro’s biggest pet peeve is when someone keeps dragging on one joke and being annoying. If he has a bad day, listening to music and/or playing his piano will make his day better. 

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Alejandro Gutierrez