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This is Asazia Mason!  She is a senior at Edison and plans on studying to become a nurse after high school. Asazia plans on taking her nursing career out of state and somewhere fresh and new. Although she loves Fresno, she thinks a change of scenery would be healthy and comforting for her. During her free time, she loves to watch Netflix; "Criminal Minds" is her favorite show.  Asazia also enjoys reading books when she gets the opportunity. Music is like heaven to her and she enjoys listening to it all day every day. Music is her soulmate. Growing up she struggled with learning how to ride a bike. However, she never gave up and eventually got the hang out it. As a kid this is one of the most frustrating things to get over, especially considering we always want to nail it the first try. There was another time where she got lost using the GPS on her phone with it only being on 5%! She had to get out of her comfort zone and ask around for directions in order to get home. This can be very scary for someone who is very shy, but she stepped out of her shell and got home. 

When asking Asazia what journalism meant to her she explained how she automatically thinks about reporting, writing, editing, and proofreading. Journalism means reading something that’s intriguing about topics that are local and global. 

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Asazia Mason