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Hovhannes Torikyan (16) is a junior here at Edison High School. Previous to attending Edison, Hovhannes attended Forkner Elementary as well as Manchester Gate and Computech Middle School. Some activities he enjoys partaking in includes video games, exercising, reading, and music. When I asked why he enjoys these pastimes he replied with “they all are fun,” I mean who are we to disagree? He was also practicing judo out of school and had taken a break with the plan to get back into said martial during the summer, but plans were ruined because of COVID. He also claimed to enjoy watching movies. When I asked if he could pick a favorite movie, he said he couldn’t choose just one because he watches a lot of movies. However, after much contemplation, he came to the conclusion that his favorite movie was indeed the remarkable 2011 film, The Adventures of TinTin. Hovhannes was infatuated with the TInTin cartoons as a child and when he heard that a movie was made, he was ecstatic. He watched this movie a lot growing up and it brings back good childhood nostalgia. Moving on to the subject of school, Hovhannes was involved in our school's Armenian club. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s harder to keep up with club activities in order to stay social distancing. I had asked Hovhannes what his thoughts were with online school, his response was “Personally, I’m not a big fan, I find it a little difficult to communicate with teachers and it’s a little strange in general because you don’t meet anyone” to which I wholeheartedly agree with. His favorite school subject is history because he believes that it is the most interesting of all his classes. This brought me to ask why he chose to take journalism. He decided upon taking journalism because he had one more elective choice and decided to pick journalism since he always found the news interesting. He plans to research and write about local and national news and is excited to broaden his skills in researching and writing. Then as juniors, with the pressure of our senior year coming to put our whole high school experience to an end comes the dreading question: what are your plans after graduation and do you know what you want to make as your career? Hovhannes had no hesitations in his response, his plan is to attend Cal Poly with the intention of earning a degree to get a career in the field of aerospace engineering. Evidently, Hovhannes is an interesting and a one-of-a-kind person. I hope you guys are as excited to see his contributions and writing expertise towards Journalism as much as I am. 

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Hovhannes Torikyan