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Israel Quintero, a 16-year-old student at Edison High School, attendedComputech Middle school before attending EHS. His favorite subject in school is science because he says, "'s really interesting and teaches us a lot about life." When asked what show he could watch every day if he could he said he would watch "Avatar: The Last Airbender"  because it represents his childhood. Israel's biggest fear is losing his family too soon, which most could agree it's also a fear of ours. I asked him what he likes to do outside of school in his free time or hobbies and he said he liked playing sports such as basketball and soccer, as well as hanging out with his family. His dream career would be to work with animals or have a career that involves them because he likes them a lot and is interested in helping them in some way. A food that Israel hates is cheese and foods that he loves are Takis and tamales. 

He was born here in Fresno, California but would like to travel out of the country to visit Canada. Israel’s goals for journalism are to improve his writing skills and to receive a good grade in the class from all his hard work so that he passes. When asked how he would describe himself as a person in three words, he included the words: kind, caring, and fun. I also asked him if he had any pets and Israel responded that he has two female dogs named Misty (American Staffordshire Terrier) and Pepsi (Reverse Brindle Boxer). My final question to Israel was what is one thing he couldn’t live without and he stated, “I can’t live without my family and faith in God. My family and I have a very strong faith in God.” 

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Israel Quintero