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Taylor Yang16, is a junior at Edison High School. Although this is her first year of journalism, she has previous experience in journalism from her journalism class at Edison Computech. Infact she liked journalism in 8th grade so much, she decided to take it again, and she’s especially excited to start writing again. Speaking of writing, she also does some reading. Her favorite book is called “Salt to The Sea” written by Ruda Sepetys, a historical fiction novel about WWII. The book is very appealing to Taylor because the writing focuses on the perspectives of four different characters, allowing the reader to put themselves in the shoes of four different people. Besides journalism, another class Taylor really enjoys would be “Race and Social Justice”, which also happens to be her favorite class. She enjoys this class because unlike other history-based classes, this one focuses a lot on current events and compares them to past events, especially focusing on race and social justice, as the name would suggest. Since Taylor is in Journalism and Race and Social Justice, it would only make sense that she frequently reads the news. Previously, her main source of news was social media but ever since she found out about Flipboard, she has been using it as her main source. As much as she likes her Journalism and Race and Social Justice classes, she still isn’t a big fan of online school. Taylor says that so far from her experience, it’s a little difficult to connect with teachers and fellow students. At school, Taylor was also very involved in athletics. She was on the varsity badminton team for Edison during her sophomore year. Unfortunately, she is currently unable to play due to COVID-19. Being in journalism, she would probably spend a lot of time talking with and communicating with all kinds of different people. Thankfully, she is not judgmental at all as she believes that the most important trait of a person is their personality and their habit of being honest and showing mutual respect.

However, school isn’t the only place where Taylor keeps herself busy. She has several interests, some of which include skateboarding, painting, drawing, and baking, which is a favorite hobby of hers. Taylor loves to bake but due to her being busy with school and work, she only gets to bake every now and then.  Departing from reality, when asked about where she would go if she could time travel to an event, she was split between two answers, one more interesting than the other. Her first option was going back in time and witnessing the Civil Rights movement with her own eyes. This option makes a lot of sense, seeing as how she greatly enjoys her Race and Social Justice class. The second option was a bit more on the exciting side and would be hard not to include. She would like to go back in time to 1993 and see the Super Bowl performance featuring none other than Michael Jackson himself. You can probably already tell from reading this, but Taylor is a very interesting person and will also be a very interesting journalist. 

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Taylor Yang