Alexis Chavez
Alexis is a junior at Edison High School, she is also the Vice President of our Journalism club. Her favorite hobbies include writing short stories as well as playing softball outside of school. She enjoys relaxing and spending time with her friends.  “I like to keep my circle small because the friends I have now, I know will always keep it real with me,” Alexis says.

As Alexis and I get to talking about our pasts, she starts telling me a story about how when she and her cousins were younger, they used to climb trees and would always be outside playing, running, and sometimes fighting. “When we were younger, we would always be at my Nana Susie’s house and we were all so close.” Alexis goes on and explains how when she was growing up, her culture and family were crucial to her. She was born in Fresno and has lived here her whole life. Alexis seems to be a very outgoing person once you get to know her, at first she won’t be as open, but once the conversation starts she’s really cool. She would also just like to state that “That’s just my face!” Some motivation that’s she’d like to give you all is “Be and elephant in a world full of bear traps.” It’s a quote she lives by and someone she cares very much about told her that once when she was having a hard day. “What happens to a bear trap when an elephant steps on it? The trap doesn’t close because the elephant’s foot is too big, it breaks. The bear trap is whatever obstacle you are currently trying to overcome, be the elephant.”  

Alexis Chavez, Reporter

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Alexis Chavez