Cindy Lee
Cindy is a 11th grader at Edison high. Cindy was born and raised in Fresno and she is 16 years old. She was born on September 18 and her nationality is Hmong. For her years before Edison, Cindy attended EBCA for elementary and Gaston for middle school. This year is her first year in the Journalism class, Cindy says that even though she didn’t choose the class that so far it seems very interesting and is looking forward to the rest of her year in journalism. In school her favorite subject is Art because she likes that it allows her to create something and gives her the freedom to express herself. Outside of school Cindy likes to cook as one of her interests more specifically baking things such as cupcakes. When I asked Cindy if she was a part of any sports at Edison, Cindy said when she was freshman, she was a part of our badminton team.  A fun fact about Cindy is that her biggest fear is any type of bugs because they just really freak her out. I also asked if she had any favorite songs at the moment and she responded by saying: I really don’t have a favorite song I listen to so many different artist and genres that I can't just pick one. Lastly asked Cindy to try to best describe herself in three words and she chose quiet, shy,and hard working .   

Cindy Lee, Reporter

Feb 11, 2020
Take a Look, Read a Book  (Story)
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Cindy Lee