Julio Arevalo is an 11th-grade student at Edison. He was born and raised in Fresno, but he wants to live somewhere else when he’s older. His birthday is on July 4th and his hobbies include reading and watching shows. His favorite tv show is “Community” and his favorite movie is “Super Bad” which I think is a really cool and funny movie. He plays volleyball but doesn’t watch any sports on tv.  He describes himself as being silly and funny. Some goals he has academically this year are getting A’s in all the classes he takes this year. He describes his childhood being fun hanging out with his brother and his family which means he has a close bond with his family.  In ten years he sees himself with a stable job living somewhere he really likes and just enjoying life. 

Julio Arevalo, Writer

Nov 03, 2020
Dare to Date (Story)
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Julio Arevalo