Madeleine Fischer
While I may not be the best writer on the planet I am going to try my hardest to do justice to the great person that is Madeline Fischer. I haven’t known her for very long but I can already tell that she is going to be an amazing friend and confidante. Madeline is a senior here at Edison and is 17 years old (make sure to wish her a happy birthday in January). Even though it wasn’t originally her idea to join journalism and write for the school newspaper (and honestly same), Madeline seems to be determined to do her best and is excited about all of the opportunities it will give her.

When I asked her she said that she’s looking forward to the class and is interested in learning new styles and formats of writing.I'm sure that Ms.Leyba will be very glad to have her here as Madeline does quite a bit of writing in her free time. While I was being nosey, I learned a few more things about Maddie; she’s very school and work oriented, focused, funny, and from the fondness in her voice, I could tell that she loves her family very much. Madeline is very involved here at Edison and with her being an AP ambassador, on the school's decathlon team (who is currently looking for members!), in the yoga club AND being president of the school’s GSA. Maddie should have no trouble getting into her dream school, Stanford University.

If Madeline Fischer could be any color it would be teal and if she was stuck on an island and could only bring one person with her she says that the smart answer would be to bring Bear Grylls but in reality she would probably bring her best friend Kacey. Madeline Fisher’s favorite superhero (at the moment) is Deadpool and she says that she's really looking forward to hanging out with friends before heading off to college. Maddie is kind, smart, ambitious, and you should look forward to reading her articles this year.

Madeleine Fischer, Staff Writer

Feb 14, 2019
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Madeleine Fischer