Priscila Pizano
 Priscila Pizano is a part of senior class of 2021. In five years, she sees herself almost being done with college and preparing to start her career as either a veterinarian or a therapist/social worker.

She doesn’t really have a lot of big fears, but one is that she doesn’t want to lose someone she loves. Her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy; her favorite person in that show is Meridith Grey. She enjoys meditation and taking walks with her dogs or she’ll talk to close friends because she feels that it's just fun to talk about her problems out loud that’s how she gets rid of her stress. She really loves her dogs, and they are her happy place, she has two big addictions she likes spicy food and cheese she probably wouldn't be able to live without them.   

Priscila Pizano, Writer

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Priscila Pizano