Richard Loya
Age 17 years old 

Grade Junior at Edison High School 

Elementary School Greenberg Elementary, Fresno & Miramonte Elementary, Clovis  

Middle School  Reyburn Middle School, Clovis 


Richard Loya, staff member of the Journalism class and club, here at Edison High School, is a kind and athletic person, who always strives to do his best in everything.  Before attending Edison High School, he was home schooled for three years, without the support and supplies he needed to attain a good education.  And because this is his first year at Edison, he missed out on the chance of choosing a pathway.  When questioned if he had a pathway and what he would like to major in at college, he didn’t even know what a pathway was.  Although it is a pity that he didn’t get to choose a pathway, he said that he might want to be in the Air Force or a Firefighter, however, he wasn’t sure.  This is understandable since many students and teenagers still don’t have a clear direction of where they would want to go and what they want to be.   

 Richard loves to help at his church, the Clovis Christian Center, giving out school supplies to those who need it.  When asked the question, “If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?”, he replied, “Active.”  Richard does football and is a very athletic person.  During the interview, he said, “I just can’t sit around all day.  I have to move around.”  Doing football isn’t the only thing he’s good at.  He is also amazing at the drums.  Richard said his special talent was the drums and he even self-taught himself.  Instead of doing football next year, he wanted to transfer into marching band, playing the snare drums. 

 So far, Richard is really enjoying Edison High School, his favorite subject being History.  When he was asked with the question, “Why are you in Journalism?”, he said that he was just put in it.  His actual choices for an elective were Computer Science, Spanish I, Art, and Concert Band.  Although Journalism wasn’t his first choice, he seems to really enjoy it.  Finally, when he was asked with the last and most important question, “What is one thing you’re excited about this year at Edison High School?” he replied that he could get the help he needed and could make friends at school.   

Richard Loya, Reporter

Feb 12, 2020
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Richard Loya