Yusra Iqbal wants to be an anesthesiologist in the future. She still wants to expand her interest, so she is not so sure about becoming one. Yusra is interested in college and would like to attend UC Davis. Davis is a big goal of hers and it is what she is aiming for. Yusra wants a car that she will customize to her liking in the future. She prefers any subject over math and enjoyed leadership when participating in school activities. Some more interesting facts about Yusra is, her most used social app is Instagram. She enjoys baking and watching tv shows. Listening to R&B and Indie pop music. Yusra didn’t choose to be in journalism, but she is glad she is in journalism because it's helping her communicate with others better and will help with presenting in class. She is aware of the current state of the world and thinks it's unexpected and saddening, but she has hope that it will get better.  

Yusra Iqbal, Writer

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Yusra Iqbal