Playing Games: Black Ops 4 

William Figueroa, Staff Writer

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was released on October 12th, 2018. This was the first Call of Duty game that didn’t come with a traditional campaign which focuses on a story. The game drops four zombie maps on the release date.

This game came with a battle royale game mode called “Blackout” seeing the popularity of “Fortnite” battle royal. The game is set around Black Ops 2 and 3 order. If you preorder the game on disc, they sent you free gifts. If you get it digital, you earn points for the game or money. 

Multiplayer this year comes back with “specialist”, which are characters that you can play with. It’s boots on ground too. The community was complaining for years because everyone was able to boost in the air and get a kill advantage. So, it’s safe this year, and the only thing they kept was sliding, but it’s not a huge advantage.  

Zombies this year–they include a story mode to it. Treyarch (creators of the game) recognizes the love the game community had for zombies, so they went all out this year. You are now able to create your games basically. This is also the first zombie game they put in ancient time.

If you got the season pass, you get an extra 4 zombie maps. Some maps you are classic and you get to play them with new charters. They also brought a map back from Black Ops 2 called “Mob of the Dead” and put it in the game because a lot of people loved this fan favorite map from Black ops 2.