Systematic Representation

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Will Dau, Staff Writer

The Electoral College was put in place by the founding fathers so that no one was unrepresented. The Electoral College is the system in which we elect our president. Individuals vote to decide how their delegates vote in the college. If the majority of voters, choose one candidate, then the district will turn to towards that political party. If enough districts swing towards one political party, then the state will give all of its delegates to that party. The number of delegates is equal to the number of Congress members that state has, for example, a populous state like California will have more delegates than Vermont which has many fewer. Whichever party or candidate has the most Electoral College delegates wins the election.

The reason this system is so important is because if it was just a populous vote many groups would not be properly represented. But because of the way that the districts are divided, it makes it so everyone has a say in the election and regional differences won’t be left out. After this most recent election people were angry because Donald Trump won even though Hillary Clinton got the popular “vote”. The calls for an alteration of the constitution often happen when a popular vote winner does not achieve office because of a lack of Electoral College votes.

However you feel about the Electoral College, the elections in November are fast approaching and all voters should cast their ballots. Your voice matters!