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2018 Spooky Season Edition

On Trend:

Ayianna Lopez, Staff Writer

Halloween is approaching very soon and that means candy, parties, trick or treating, and costumes. Costumes don’t just apply to kids but many adults still dress up too believe it or not. Here are just a few SPOOKTACULAR costume ideas for 2018:



  • Black Panther: You could expect to see this iconic superhero costume this year since Black Panther is the most popular superhero since the movie came out in February of 2018. This movie broke many records and was seen as a defining moment for Black America.
  • Fortnite Character:You could expect to see some type of fortnite character since almost all teenage boys and some girls are into playing the addicting game of fortnite. Their characters can be for both genders as well.
  •  “The Nun”: This terrifying new movie, The Nun, came out in September of 2018 so of course you can expect to see kids trying to look like the horrific character from the movie. This character can be worn by any gender and be altered in many ways.
  • “I Love It Costume”: This “I Love It Costume” is inspired and came from the new Kanye West ft. Lil Pump song, I Love It.  Since this music video dropped, people cannot get enough of this couch looking costume, ultimately the costumes are supposed to be oversized Yeezy outfits.






  • Clowns (Pennywise from IT): Every year you will see at least one clown walking around on Halloween, it is just such an original costume that will never fade. The character Pennywise comes from the 1990 original movie IT that was remade in 2017.
  • Rick & Morty: Rick and Morty is a comedic cartoon on adult swim that would be a very trendy costume this year due to its popularity. Rick is the mad scientist in the lab coat with crazy blue hair and Morty is in the yellow and also happens to be Rick’s grandson. This show is known as the millennials favorite tv show so expect to see Rick and Morty fans walking around in costume.
  • Purge costume: The famous Purge costume is a popular one. This costume comes from the trilogy of the Purge movies, there are four total movies in this trilogy and the most recent one came out this year in 2018. This costume is an easy go to one that literally just requires a mask and boom, there is your costume for the night.
  • Michael Myers:  The infamous Michael Myers will always be an original costume to go to. Michael Myers is everyone’s worst nightmare at one point in their life, why not dress up as him to be the scariest of the scary? This costume is inspired from the “Halloween” trilogy. The very first “Halloween” movie was created in 1978 and has been remade numerous amounts of times since then with the most recent one being made in 2002 until more remakes were staring to be made and it is said that a new “Halloween” movie is going to be coming to theaters soon.
  • Freddy Krueger: Freddy Krueger is also a classic costume to go to when you don’t know what you want to be. He is a character that is well known with the “Freddy vs Jason” movie from 2003. He wears a glove that has razor sharp knives as fingers, a brown hat, a red and green striped shirt and black pants. This costume could be worn by people of all ages, any gender.
  • Superheros: Who doesn’t like superheros? There are so many to choose from that you and your friends could each be a superhero. This is just a simple costume that would be good for anybody to wear.


  • Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero that many girls would love to be this year since the new Wonder Woman movie came out last year. It was a really hyped up movie. Who wouldn’t want to be the marvelous superhero?

  • Purge Girl: 

The “Purge Girls” are inspired from the four purge movies. All this costume requires is a creepy mask, a bloody ripped up t-shirt, and some sort of fake weapon. This would be a really cool couple costume to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Moana:

Moana is a new disney movie that really changed the game. She is is a Polynesian girl trying to save her island and is known for her famous “How Far I’ll Go” song in the movie. She is iconic and hilarious. This movie got so much love and she is still a costume to expect to see.

  •  Belle (Beauty and the Beast):

The beautiful Belle from the sleeping beauty is such a classic princess to go to. She has two different iconic costumes she wears in the movie Beauty and the Beast that girls of all ages could wear. It would also be cute if you wanted to do a couples costume, have your significant other dress as the beast.

  • Girl Fortnite:

Once again, Fortnite is back. Fortnite is not just restricted to boys, it is open to all genders. Believe it or not, some girls are just as obsessed about fortnite as boys are. There are character players in the game that this girl gamers would love to dress up as.

  • “The Nun” Costume:

Bringing it back to “The Nun” costume, this costume is appropriate for anybody to wear. You could alter the costume anyway that fits you best. This scary costume requires a long black gown, a white color, and a headpiece. The main part that pulls the look together is the face makeup.

  • Princesses:

Being a princess for halloween is every little girl’s dream. A girl is a princess for halloween at least 3 different times in their life. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess for the night? It is an easy and beautiful costume idea no matter what princess you are.

  • Cheerleader-

Being a cheerleader believe it or not is a lot of girls dream too. This costume is fun and cute in a way that you do not have to actually be a cheerleader or apart of a team but you can still dress like one for a night. The costume is fairly easy to come across since it is so popular.

  • “Grease” Character-

This is a costume inspired by the super famous movie “Grease” that came out in 1978. This movie has a few costume options to choose from, there are the “T-Birds”, the “Pink Ladies”, or just a regular teenager in the 1950s with poodle skirts and rolled up jeans with converse. This is an iconic movie that has yet to die down.

  •  The Incredibles-

“The Incredibles 2” has recently came out this year in 2018 and has been hyped up ever since.

This costume is fun and super in trend since the movie is so popular and everyone literally waited 14 years for a part two. Expect to see some Elastigirls and Violets, perhaps some Dashs, Mr. Incredibles, and baby Jack Jack.


Hope these were some costumes that inspired you for this years halloween. Have a SPOOKTACULAR halloween.