Making Money on Youtube

Ayianna Lopez, Staff Writer

Youtube is a website that can also come in the form of an app if you download it on your phone. On this app, it allows you to watch and upload videos of all types of content. You can find videos about hair, makeup, sports, fashion, family channels, fitness, eating, and a new trend known as ASMR just to name a few. The variety of topics of videos on youtube is endless. This app has over a billion users which is one third of the people on the internet.

The new trend of this past year was to become a youtuber and create content, whatever content you think others would watch. This didn’t become an ongoing trend for no reason, money was involved of course. Youtubers do not just create 5-20 minute videos solely for the fun, they actually get paid by youtube. Everyone wants to become a “social media influencer” and make that their job and you would be surprised at how much money a youtuber can make. Youtube channel, Ryan ToysReview, is a channel run by an 8 year old boy who plays and reviews toys as content. Ryan is the highest paid youtuber bringing in $22 million with 17 million subscribers. A few other high paid youtubers include Jake Paul with $21.5 million, Dude Perfect with $20 million, and Jeffree Star with $18 million. If an 8 year old can do it, who wouldn’t be able to right? Well that’s where we are wrong. It actually isn’t that easy to make money off of youtube. It takes time and consistency to create content and post weekly. A channel will not make it unless the creator is consistent.

If you are interested in becoming a youtuber who makes money, you have to meet certain requirements before your channel could be monetized. Channels will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers. YouTube is tightening the rules around its partner program and raising the requirements that a channel/creator must meet in order to monetize videos. Not all youtubers start youtube initially for the money but some do. These creators have all said themselves that newcomers shouldn’t start one at all if they are just doing it for the money. However, if one was determined to make youtube their career, they could very well do it.  


Ryan ToysReview is the highest paid youtuber in the game making $22 million this past year being an eight-year-old playing with and reviewing toys.


Jake Paul is the second highest paid youtuber bringing in $21.5 million.

His content contains daily vlogs and crazy challenges that brings in the subscribers. Many know him as the “its everyday bro” guy.





Jeffree Star is another popular youtuber known as one of the best MUAs in the youtube industry. He brought in $18 million this past year with his YouTube channel and his makeup line he has.